crossfit attire

we’ve been working hard at developing the perfect workout headbands.  (i love doing crossfit, although im currently “in-between” gyms!)  our headbands are great for keeping the fly-aways out of your face, as well as soaking up a bit of the sweat!  they are super comfortable and sewn together with an elastic band in back.  (a big thank you to crossfit chicago…my last box…for sending me this killer sweatshirt!).  i’ve also been eyeing some other really cute items on etsy.  definitely check out unbrokendesigns for some super cute crossfit jewelry (below), as well as latitudegearrx for crossfit inspired ts.  xx

to purchase crossfit headbands click here



holiday bags…anything sparkly please.

yes, i shop in my own etsy store.  i’ll be honest, jen is the fashion brain behind most of our best products.  she came up with this bag, and i basically stole it from her while i was in chicago for a visit (to list on etsy, of course).  anyways, here is my favorite naked window bag, as well as some other great bags that i’ve been eyeing on etsy!  enjoy xx

click here to buy gold bag, click here to buy rose gold bag, click here to buy silver bag

gold leaf clutch by naked window 

rose gold clutch

sparkly rose gold clutch by GiftShopBrooklyn on #etsy

silver and black chevron clutch

silver and black chevron clutch by arcofla


eat. sleep. etsy.

WOW.  i have started to really get into my etsy store!  my husband and i have had some long, long evenings discussing the future of my little shop!  today, i am glad to say, i had a small breakthrough.  i actually started to use facebook to promote my shop.  i’ve always had a naked window page, but only occasionally post there.  i’ve decided that i really should use that as a way to reach out to new customers.  jen and i have been working our tails off trying to put out some amazing products for the fall.  we are just so excited for people to see it!  i owe a lot of thanks to my loving and patient husband who does the majority of the photography for our products.  he’s been doing crazy overtime trying to help me get caught up!!  

if you get a chance, check out naked window’s facebook page, and give us a like!  i am going to be holding weekly give-aways for all the liker’s our there.



make a wish necklaces, supporting susan g komen and “make-a-wish” foundations

these are new products on our etsy store that i am VERY excited about!  the first is a breast cancer awareness necklace, and the other is a make-a-wish foundation necklace!  the point of the necklace is that you make a wish, and put the necklace on. the thread wears thin and the charm falls off.  when the charm falls off your wish is supposed to come true!  $1 from each necklace will be donated to make-a-wish or susan g komen.  really hoping people will love these!

to purchase, click here: make a wish necklace


hard at work!

we are at the workroom today, getting all of our new scarves for fall/winter ready to go into production.  here is a sneak peak at some of the fabrics we are using.  enjoy….